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The neighbourhood forum management committee is made up of 24 members in according with our constitution. This is to insure that there is a wide representation demographically and is truly representative from the diverse communities.


An interim management committee has been elected and following further amendments as agreed on the 15th Jan 2013 are as follows


Interim Organisation Lead members x 7



Muhammed Thahir - Community and Faith

Efrayim Goldstein  – Crime & Health .

Sarah Lew - Housing and Development 

Ali Hussain – Environmental .

Jane Frost - Tenants and Residents Associations .

Shuja Shiekh - Education

Marik Kadulah - Buissness .


Interim Residents/Workers Members x 14


Marjena Kwasnik

Gordon Bell

Christopher Sills

Yisorel Oriel

Silvia Trust .

Linda Kelly

Isaac Leibowitz

Matthew Coggins

Bernard Assenbarg (Cllr)

Dr Wetzler

Natasha Bailey

Maggie Ryan

Benzion Papier (Cllr)

Isabella Leosz .


Political Party Council Members x 3


Cllr Simcha Steinberger – Conservative 

Cllr Dawood Akhoon – Lib Dem

Cllr  Vacant... - Labour  




Interim Executive Committee


Chair Linda Kelly, Secretary Isaac Leibowitz, Vice Chair Sarah Lew, Treasurer Mahummed Thair, Assistant Secretary Christopher Sills, officer without portfolio x 2 Maggie Ryan, Shuja Sheikh




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