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Need and Justification for the Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Fourm

Need and Justification for the Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Fourm



Over a period time as people were aware the Government were bringing legislation with regards to Neighbourhood Planning.  We as people living in the the local community were approached  and have come forward to assist with forming a Neighbourhood.


This was done as local people from the four wards, came together to discuss a way forward of forming the Neighbourhood, according guidance of the day.


It was then agreed to hold a formal meeting in a public venue, which was advertised in the local newspaper the Hackney Gazette, so that everybody, could participate in forming the Forum.  The advert gave, various ways of communicating peoples’ interest, i.e. phone, email and post.


The meeting was held, the guest speaker was Andrew Boff member of the GLA, was asked to Chair the meeting, until an offical chair was elected.


There were over sixty members of the community present, representing the four wards, of different backgrounds, religions, cultures and political views.


Cllr Kelly the former chair of the NE Neighbourhood was elected as chair, together with other representative committee members.


At the meeting a constitution and the neighbourhood boundaries were adpoted.  The elected committee members were given a mandate to update where necessary amendments to the constitution and to engage with the local authority for that purpose, with a view to develop a formal submission for adoption to the council.


In November 2011 the local authority responded, and suggested we liaise with another group, who were already considering this matter together with the council.


Following dialogue, in May we expressed desire to proceed, as failed to see any development from the other group.  This led to a meeting with the council in June, where the council expressed once again their desire for a joint submission between the two groups. 


In June the council asked for a three week period to bring all parties to the table, which SNF agreed to, this was later extended for a further three wees.  At that meeting in July one of the groups in attendance – namely Hackney Planning watch, outlined their position that they would not support any submission without giving them a right to Veto on all decisions.

A further meeting was agreed in September where a submission would finally be made on the 14th of September, 2012.  This was also confirmed to Mr. Lewis Wedgewood from the DCLG who attended together with the council planners and SNF representative a walkabout of the Neighbourhood.



At the request by representatives of the labour group, (Majority group of the Council), the period was extended to the 19 October 2012.  Bearing in mind that a meeting two steering liaision meetings had also taken place, where very little progress was made.  The 19 October 2012 was where a written assurance was made that this was the intended where submission should be made.


A meeting was held on 17 October, 2012 with labour group representatives, again submitted the 19 October 2012 would not be appropriate and a further date (extention) would have to be considered.  Whilst they offered to use their best endeavours no firm commitment followed. Indeed and email from the labour group secretary confirmed their position, that they wanted a submission which everyone would be happy with, a virtually impossible expectation, in fact mirroring the position stated the Hackney Planning Watch back in July.


After careful consideration the Forum has come to a view, that every remedy has been exhausted to bring about a joint application, however, with these caveats it deemed impossible and unfair to the Forum, for the submission not to proceed on that basis.


Notwithstanding the above we remain committed to our inclusivity policy and welcome and await maxium participation from any and individuals and groups in the area.  To this end we have agreed in our constitution to establish an interim committee with a view at our forthcoming AGM in April 2013, our Forum will be all inclusive and represent as many communities, organisaitons and individuals as possible.a click on the post link.
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