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Press Release: 07/05/13 2,500 choose the Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Forum, and 3,500 reject the North Hackney Neighbourhood Forum.

Press Release:



2,500 Sign for the Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Forum, in addition, to over 1,000 letters of support and 3,500 reject the North Hackney Neighbourhood Forum.


The Consultation on the North Hackney Neighbourhood Forum proposal, has just closed. 2,500 express their preference for the earlier Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Forum’’ and REJECT the NHNF proposal, as it undermines democracy rule & Stifles opportunity for development and investment into our neighbourhood.

The earlier proposal for the Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Forum is already bringing together local communities, to enhance our neighbourhood with new sustainable development and opportunity for all.


Linda Kelly, Chairman of the Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Forum, said ‘’ the local community has rightfully rejected the divisive NHNF and have instead Chosen to support our forum, We now look to the local council, to set aside, party political agendas, as we look forward for their support in improving our neighbourhood, which is within the spirits of, Her Majesty's Government, to empower local community’s’’.

For further information please call 07855 862174

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